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You can "house" and organize your Portfolio artifacts in any way you chose. Some ideas include:

  • Flash-Drive (back up in at least 2 different places)- Refer below to "SUGGESTED Portfolio Template for your Desktop/Flashdrive"

  • Desktop (back up in at least 2 different places)-Refer below to "SUGGESTED Portfolio Template for your Desktop/Flashdrive"

  • Create a "Portfolio" classroom in Google Classroom or Canvas

  • Create a "Portfolio" website

  • Create a "Portfolio" Blog


EXAMPLES of Portfolio Artifacts and Evidence


SUGGESTED Portfolio Example for your Desktop/Flashdrive


SUGGESTED Portfolio as Google Slides


SUGGESTED Schedule of Standards' Focus


The TeachOn! portfolio is a record of your growth, represented through evidence and reflections. The portfolio provides a professional record to guide future professional development and may serve as supportive evidence in future employment interviews. It provides introspection opportunities for you, as well as a conversation tool between your mentor and yourself. The portfolio is designed and evaluated by each the coach and principals according to its own requirements using the following guidelines. The portfolio should:

  • be based upon the Utah Effective Teaching Standards

  • include evidence of effective teaching

  • include notations and reflections explaining the artifacts

  • be a vehicle for collaboration with the mentor

  • provide evidence of content knowledge and pedagogy