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This page is a tool for teachers to help organize and document lines of evidence and reflection of the 10 Effective Teaching Standards. When you click on these template links, it will ask you to "make a copy", thus allowing you to have your own personal copy in your Google Drive. You can then keep an ongoing record of your lines of evidence and reflections in these documents and share accordingly.

DOMAIN 1: Learner and Learning

Standard 1: Learner Development

Standard 2: Learning Differences

Standard 3: Learning Environments

DOMAIN 2: Instructional Practice

Standard 4: Content Knowledge

Standard 5: Assessment

Standard 6: Instructional Planning

Standard 7: Instructional Strategies

DOMAIN 3: Professional Responsibilities

Standard 8: Reflection & Continuous Growth

Standard 9: Leadership & Collaboration

Standard 10: Professional & Ethical Behavior

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