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Title VI: American Indian
Education Program



Murray School District is committed to building a learning community which fosters cultural and academic learning for American Indian and Alaskan Native (AI/AN) students. The Title VI program is intended to address the unique cultural, language, and educationally related academic needs of American Indian/Alaskan Native students (AI/AN). We encourage students to have a well-rounded knowledge about American Indian contributions across all content areas, therefore we seek to expand their awareness of the diverse tribal traditions, languages, and histories represented within our community.

The Title VI program is a grant based program for American Indian students. The funding we receive per student per year is determined by the number of ED 506 Indian Education forms that are completed and returned by AI/AN students and their parents in the district. These forms must provide American Indian tribal enrollment numbers on the ED 506 forms in order for the Federal government to provide monetary support through a grant for each student. This grant is applied for by the school annually. If the American Indian student has his/her own CIB (Certificate of Indian Blood) number he/she has an enrollment number. If not he/she can use his/her parents' or grandparents’ CIB tribal enrollment number on the form. A parent's signature is also required on the form. This form must be turned into the American Indian Title VI Coordinator at Murray High School in Room 137.

Questions or Concerns?



Robin Williams

District Title III & VI Director 

801-264-7400 Extension 5019


Clara Bedonie

MCSD American Indian Education Title VI Coordinator

Office Phone: 801-264-7460 Ext. 5137

Murray High School - Room 137

Office Hours:​

Mondays 9 am - 2 pm

Tuesdays 8:30 am - 2:30

Wednesdays 9 am -2 pm

Thursdays 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Fridays 9 am - 2 pm.

Robin William 2017.jpg
Robin Williams
District Title III & VI Director
Clara Bedonie
MCSD American Indian Education Title VI Coordinator
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