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New Americans in Murray City School District

We're thrilled to warmly welcome newcomers in Murray School District. Their rich diversity of knowledge, skills, and cultural backgrounds propels Murray toward an exciting and promising future.


Newcomers, whether they're immigrants or refugees, come to Utah for a multitude of reasons: some are escaping conflict, others are reuniting with family after prolonged separations. At the same time, some are parents in search of better opportunities for their children. Additionally, there are students furthering their education and workers aiming to fulfill specific occupations or professions.


  • 784 students in Murray School District are immigrants, or 14% of the student body

  • Top countries from Mexico, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Columbia, Democratic Republic of Congo


Murray School District's refugee team supports our refugee families 

through Regular home visits, phone calls, and school check-ins. These efforts ensure families receive vital support and training to access public transportation, community resources, schools, programs, activities, technology, and necessary appointments.


We're not just welcoming newcomers to Murray School District; we're embracing their rich diversity of knowledge, skills, and cultural backgrounds!


The Murray School District's refugee team has developed a comprehensive resource to aid refugee families. It covers school registration, orientation, and the American education system, with regular home visits providing ongoing support. Collaborative efforts with schools and establishing a task force have been pivotal in this process.

On February 22nd, we conducted a training session on public transportation, providing guidance on navigating routes, accessing discounted passes, and locating assistance contacts. We also assist families with housing resources and benefit applications and facilitate participation in school events and programs, offering interpretation services as needed.

Our team supports registration, enrollment, and ongoing assistance for newly arrived students and families. We track student progress and address any concerns district-wide. We also provide tutoring, counseling, and graduation support, ensuring students have the necessary resources for success.


Our team supports all newcomers and we have employees who speak Dari, Farsi, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swahili.

Questions or Concerns?



Cris Westerfield

District ALS & Refugee Coordinator


801264-7442 Extension 5051

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