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The role of the mentor is to act as a resource for the Level 1 educator. They are able to assist them in becoming an effective educator and to obtain a Level 2 license. Mentors should develop appropriate attitudes, knowledge, and skills as described in the Competencies of a Quality Utah Mentor *(see below) to effectively assist Level 1 educators.


Competencies of a Quality Mentor/Coach*:

Relationships    A quality mentor….

  • Maintains confidentiality and trust

  • Fosters autonomy in the emerging educator

  • Advocates for the beginning teacher in forming networks of support

  • Commits to empathetic, respectful, and positive interactions

Communication    A quality mentor…..

  • Uses communication skills to promote reflection and improve instruction

  • Collects data to facilitate conversation and influence instructional practice

  • Uses modeling, coaching, collaboration, and consulting skills to aid in educator development

Content knowledge and Pedagogy     A quality mentor…..

  • Provides assistance in using the Utah Core Standards

  • Models using student assessment tools to drive student achievement

  • Uses a sound pedagogical foundation to contribute to student learning and engagement

Adult Learning     A quality mentor…..

  • Knows and applies adult learning theory

  • Accepts the beginning teacher as emerging and uses techniques to support the development process

  • Encourages the new teacher to take ownership of professional learning and growth

Mentor Growth and Learning     A quality mentor…..

  • Seeks out and collaborates on implementation of professional development opportunities

  • Deepens mentoring expertise through reflection

  • Coaches other mentors and is willing to be coached

 *Competencies of a Quality EYE Mentor comes directly from the USBE website  


Additional COACH Responsibilities:

  • Support new teacher in orientation to the district, to his/her school(s), and to building procedures.

  • Establish a system of on-going communication with the new teachers and their mentors. 

    • Classroom observation of mentee with feedback (minimum 2 per year)

    • Video observation of model classroom w/discussion & support. (1 per year)

    • Attend District Level PD Meetings

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