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The Utah State Board of Education has finished resources for parents to help them to know the critical knowledge and skills acquired at each grade level/span.  Families are important partners in achieving USBE’s vision that “each student is prepared to succeed and lead by having knowledge and skills to learn, engage civically, and lead meaningful lives.” The purpose of these resources is to help families better understand what their children should learn, when a child may need more help or when a child would benefit from extra challenges. By using these resources families may find more ways to advance their child’s learning at home while encouraging growth in their communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Preschool 3 year old                   Fourth Grade

Preschool 4 year old                   Fifth Grade

Kindergarten                               Sixth Grade

First Grade                                   Seventh Grade

Second Grade                              Eighth Grade

Third Grade                                 High School


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