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Parent/Guardian FAQs

1. What is the district’s 1:1 Initiative?

The primary mission of the 1:1 technology initiative is to improve student achievement by providing opportunities for students to personalize learning through universal, uninterrupted access to knowledge that can transform teaching, learning, and assessments.


2. What does 1:1 mean?

1:1 is shorthand for one-to-one. This means there will be one Chromebook for each student in grades K-12 to use for learning at school. Beginning in August 2018, Chromebooks will go home with students at Murray High School. Beginning in August 2019, Chromebooks will go home with students at Hillcrest Junior High and Riverview Junior High.  Beginning in August 2020, Chromebooks will go home with students in grades K-6th. 

3.  Why does Murray City School District believe that a 1:1 program is important?

The need for consistent access is a priority. Technology is mentioned in many of Utah's learning standards. Conclusions drawn from available research is that the 1:1 initiative provides many positive learning outcomes for students, staff and the community. Among them are the following:

  • Improved writing skills and depth of students’ research

  • Increased student interest in learning and ownership of the learning process

  • Improvement in student and staff attendance

  • Reductions in students’ disruptive behavior

  • Increased parental interest in school activities

  • Reductions in lecture/presentation instruction and an increase in project based learning activities


4. What is a Chromebook?

The Chromebook is one of the devices that will be used to implement the 1:1 initiative.

For more information watch the video below:














5. Why Chromebooks?

Chromebooks provide the most cost efficient avenue to help our students become engaged and lifelong learners. Chromebooks boot in eight seconds and have a rated battery life of over eight hours.

6. Who receives a Chromebook?

As part of the district’s 1:1 Initiative, all students in all grades K-12 will receive a Chromebook.

7. Will Chromebooks be allowed to go home?

Yes.  Students in Grades 1st-12th grade have their Chromebooks traveling to and from school each day. Kindergarten students have Chromebooks available in carts to each student.

9. Does the 1:1 program eliminate the need for textbooks?

Students will continue to have access to textbooks for most classes. Over time, however, the use of traditional textbooks may decrease as most textbooks become available to students digitally on their Chromebook. Currently, the district has digital licenses in some English Language Arts, math and social studies.

10.  What if my child already has a laptop?

A key objective our 1:1 Initiative is to enable all students to have ready and consistent access to a common set of software, hardware and network resources. It is therefore very important that the learning experience is not negatively impacted by variations in hardware or software. With a school-provided Chromebook we can control the standard specification and software so that learning is optimized. Purchasing in volume, we are also able to secure high-spec Chromebooks and tablets and needed software at a more reasonable price.

11.  What type of training will my child receive for internet safety?

All students will receive an online device orientation no later than October 15. They will receive at least one lesson in each of the following topics over the course of the school year: self-image and identify, cyberbullying, relationships and communication, privacy and security, information literacy. Additionally, teachers who have their students go online should include digital citizenship as part of their regular instruction.

12.  Why are schools and teachers so eager to use educational technology and how can I keep my child safe?

This is a fabulous and very thorough reference on parent and educator responsibilities as we embark on 21st Century Skills.  Read here on ConnectSafely.  Common Sense Media also is a valuable source for internet safety for parents.

13. What about too much screen time for children?  How are we balancing this need?

There have been many recent studies regarding the need to balance screen time with other face to face instructional methods.  It is always the expectation of teachers that the use of computers is well planned and learning outcomes are intentionally structured and the technology is a tool to achieve those outcomes.  Common Sense Media is our guiding research when it comes to this balance.  There is a ton of research and articles located here.  Read the research article from Education Week and Kajeet and Ed Surge.

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