K-3 LITERACY: 21st Annual
June 25 & 26
Emma Eccles Jones Early Childhood Symposium. The focus of this year’s Symposium is Evidence-based Instruction for Children with or At-risk for Reading Difficulties. There are two excellent presenters coming this year, Dr. Carolyn Denton and Dr. Michael Coyne, to share instructional methods and ideas for helping students in the early grades (K-3)
Arts Are Core: 1 World Many Makers
Join us August 1st for a day of professional
development as we lay the foundation for
unpacking the essential characteristics of arts
integration. Guest artists in dance, drama, music,
and visual arts will facilitate hands-on workshops
with a focus on the core curricula. Participants
will walk away with enriched lessons to kick off
the school year!
Teach to Lead
September 19-21.
Whole Child, Whole Teacher Summit.
Elementary ELA: Effectively Teaching
USBE is excited to announce a new course available on Canvas: Elementary ELA: Effectively Teaching Phonological Awareness and Phonics. In this self-paced course, participants will learn different strategies for effectively teaching phonological awareness and phonics, as well as how to successfully use assessment information and intervention. This course has continuous open enrollment. The material and modules will open and become available as participants work through different tasks. Participan
Self-guided course for training edu
USBE recently finished designing a self-guided course for training educators on Dyad Reading. Interested educators can enroll in the course by clicking on this link: https://uen.instructure.com/enroll/K8HDJG Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate equal to 7 relicensure hours. This is a great way to help teachers in grades 2 and up to increase student reading proficiency through a peer assisted learning model.
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